To Convert Temporary Service to Permanent Service at a Residence

To convert temporary service to permanent service at a residence, an application for permanent service (either overhead or underground, whichever is applicable) must be submitted either online, in the office or faxed to the office

Application for Permanent Overhead Service

Application for Permanent Underground Service

Requirements for Permanent Service to a Residence

  • Exterior doors and locks must be installed
  • Meter base must be mounted
  • Breaker box must have a panel-type approved cover on
  • If having permanent underground service, all debris must be removed from the path of the underground line.
  • If having permanent underground service and the driveway is put in before the underground permanent service is run, electrical grade 2-inch PVC pipe must be placed under the drive first. Both ends of the pipe need to be marked or flagged.

Are any special permits required to convert a temporary service to permanent service?

To apply for permanent service from temporary service, Marshall County requires the final sewer approval.

DeSoto, Tate, and Lafayette Counties have no requirements by the county government.

PVC Pipe for Permanent Underground Service

For permanent underground service, the customer has the option of providing their own PVC pipe, if needed. If Northcentral provides any PVC pipe, it will be billed along with aid to construction. Customer needs to inform the staking technician that PVC pipe will be provided and the staking technician will inform customer amount of pipe to have on hand.