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Notice Of Increasing Fuel Cost

Jul 1st 2022

Fuel cost pressures seen throughout the world have recently hit the utility industry. This week, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) announced that their total monthly fuel cost for July has more than doubled compared to their three-year average. TVA fuel is the generation fuel required to produce electricity and includes the cost of uranium, coal, oil, natural gas, and off-system purchased power. This increase is mostly attributed to the global natural gas market and is expected to persist throughout the summer months. Exceeding 30% of the retail rate, this cost must be passed on to retail consumers to remain in compliance with our power contract with TVA.


Due to TVA’s rising fuel costs and increased electricity consumption during the summer season, Northcentral members can expect higher than normal utility bills in the upcoming months.


“We work diligently to control what we can to minimize rate increases for our members,” states Northcentral CEO and General Manager Kevin Doddridge. “It is unfortunate that the price increases we all face at home are now affecting the utility industry in a way that further impacts the family budget. Power supply and reliability remain strong through our partnership with TVA. The diversity of generation sources truly minimizes market impacts such as increased prices in fossil fuels and maintains system reliability.”


Northcentral members can take energy-saving measures at home to minimize the impact of these increased costs. Air conditioning accounts for the majority of summer utility bills. Using shades or curtains to cover windows from the summer sun and setting home thermostats to a higher temperature will result in fewer kilowatt hours billed. For more energy conservation tips, please visit our website at


Construction Has Begun In Our Latest Miller Phase!

Feb 21st 2020

Northcentral Electric Cooperative has contracted with Henkels and McCoy to install fiber in the highlighted area. High-speed, fiber internet services will soon be offered through our affiliate company, Northcentral Connect.  Some of this work will be overhead along the roads, but much of this work will be underground in our member’s front yards.  The underground installations are planned for areas in the public right of way close to our existing electric lines. Members will see orange duct being buried and pedestals and cabinets installed. Fiber will be then be installed, spliced, and tested.


Members who have registered their interest in internet service through Northcentral Connect’s website will receive an email to sign up for service as this construction nears completion. Each member that signs up will meet with design personnel to discuss their particular service needs on their property before a fiber “drop” is installed. Once the service is built, we will work to schedule an in-home installation at their convenience. 


Henkels and McCoy is the general contractor for this project, and they will have other companies working for them that should be marked as Northcentral Electric contractors. Vantage Point Solutions will be out with the crews directing and inspecting.  Everyone will be working together to complete this work and with care for our members’ properties, both before and shortly after construction.


We appreciate your patience as we bring this new great service to your doorsteps. We hope that you will choose Northcentral Connect to be your internet and phone provider by clicking “Sign Up” at There’s no obligation to pre-register your address. Once connected, subscribers will get free installation and equipment and 1 Gig speeds, all without data caps or contracts!


If you need help signing up, or if you see something that needs to be addressed regarding our construction please reach out to us by phone at 662-932-3500.