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Payment Methods

You have several choices in ways your monthly electric bills can be paid.

  • Online Bill Payment through our website or mobile app. You must set up your account for online bill payment on our website prior to paying through a mobile app.
  • Payment by check, cash, money order or credit card/debit card at our office. Credit card and debit card payments (VISA, Mastercard, Discover) are accepted from residential or commercial customers either in the office or by phone and cannot exceed $3,000.00. You can also set up your credit card to be drafted monthly on the billing due date. A drop box is also available at our office for after-hours payments.
  • Payment at either of our two kiosks. One is inside Star 24 convenience store located at 4805 Bethel Road, Olive Branch and the second one is at the Warsaw Grocery on Highway 309 South in the Warsaw Community. Kiosk takes payments by cash, check debit or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, or Discover only). It has an easy to follow touch screen and keyboard with directions written or spoken in English or Spanish. Payments can be made anytime, 24 hours a day, 7  days a week and  will be credited immediately to your account.
  • Payment by credit card/debit card/check by phone. Call our office at 662.895.2151 during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm) to make a payment using your credit card, debit card, or checking account. VISA and Mastercard are accepted. After-hours payments are accepted by any of these methods through our Call Center at 662.895.2151.
  • Payment by check or money order by mail. Please note your account number on your payment and include the remittance part of your bill. Mail to P.O. Box 405, Byhalia, MS 38611.
  • Automatic bank drafting of your bank account is the easiest way to pay your monthly bill. When you sign up for Northcentral EPA’s bank draft service, you not only save money by eliminating your postage charges, you also save some of your valuable time and avoid the risk of forgetting to pay your bill. If you would like more information, please call our office. We will be glad to assist you in starting payments by automatic bank drafting or answer any questions you may have about this service.

Available Billing Methods

  •  Golden Advantage allows qualifying Senior Citizens who depend on fixed retirement income to have their electric bills due on the fifth of each month.
  •  Levelized Billing allows you to better fit your electric bill into your monthly budget by eliminating guesswork and providing a more level bill amount each month. The monthly bill will automatically be recomputed each month so there will not be wide swings in your bill (coldest winter and hottest summer months). Because the monthly charge is readjusted each month, there is no settlement month as with a straight average. Note: Twelve (12) months of active concurrent service on an account prior to application is required for eligibility in levelized billing program.
  • PayMyWay, Northcentral Electric’s prepay program, allows you to be in control of your account. Your account is charged for your usage every day.  When your account balance falls below the minimum threshold that you set up, Northcentral will notify you via text message or email.  It is your responsibility to monitor the usage and balance.  You can make payments when and how you choose.  New members can get started with a PayMyWay account for $125 ($50 membership fee + $25 Connect fee + $50 credit to account).Current members can switch from a traditional payment account to a PayMyWay prepay account.  1) Pay IN FULL all preexisting fees and current account balance. 2) Unbilled usage can be paid or converted to Debt Management.  35% of all future payments will be applied to Debt Management until paid in full. 3) Existing Deposits (not membership fees) will be applied toward the existing account balance or the PayMyWay account. 4) All accounts must have a $50 minimum credit balance to start.